Fire Alarms

Jun. 6th, 2011 10:51 am
They are doing fire alarms at work.... god forbid they couldn't do this when I am not so exhausted and tired and overworked.
Words...what words? Hard to find them when you're so furious and tired they don't... or more importantly... aren't allowed to be said. It's rather disturbing that I am NOT allowed to have any time off, but expected to give up my Saturdays for a person who is taking a month of time off because "she needs it". Well, what about what I need.. You know the poor worker here who does all the work for 3 people and is expected to stay late on weekdays and yet NOT be paid for the overtime. What about me?

Blah, who really gives a damn about me anyway. I'm the only one... and guess what I'm exhausted.
Well, insert blank canvas... type words, rinse repeat and hope typoes go away.

Seriously wish I could actually say something more useful, but it's after 5 and I'm tired and can't go home yet.
When I get put on the spot the verbal canvas is blank... it's only when I sit down and think about it some time later that the colours slowly ink themselves in and the words that I wanted to say... sneak in through the back.

Sadly that's like my thinking pattern... the ideas are all there building up like a storm but they drift over and rain in the ocean instead.

It's always the "I should have said that! Why didn't I!" Because the brain storm is later... much later.

So yeah... hi!

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